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The coronavirus antibody test by collecting blood is conducted at PCR center in terminal 2 only. It is not conducted at PCR center in terminal 1.
People aged under 13 cannot take it from the viewpoint of safety.


【Narita International Airport PCR Center】
*Please make a reservation, reading and understanding the way of PCR and other tests, conditions for reception and precaution on website(
*Making a reservation through website can be done 2 days before departure. After that, please call us to inquiry.
*It takes at least 2 hours to issue the certificate of PCR test, even though serum IgM antibody test is also conducted. If you take the tests, please come here, making room for the boarding time.
*This center can accept even the person without a reservation, it is recommendable to make a reservation to take the tests more smoothly.
*Please ask us in case of the application of group.
Contact details: 0476-34-6805 (9:00 to 21:00)

*关于检测的咨询方式 0476-34-6805(9:00~21:00)